This is an example wiki to show off the ikistrap theme. Ikistrap tries to provide a fully-featured, modern looking HTML5 theme for ikiwiki. It uses Bootstrap 4 and Fonts Awesome.


Ikistrap has the following features:

  • Good use of HTML5 semantic elements.
  • Responsive layout.
  • Standards-compliant.
  • Compatible with text-only browsers.
  • Header supporting parentlinks, wiki actions, search form, language selection and trails.
  • Sidebar styled as a Boostrap 4 card, using the Bootstrap 4 grid system.
  • Footer that is pushed down to the bottom of the screen with tags, backlinks, copyright, license and modification date.
  • Inline pages that are by default styled as Bootstrap 4 cards.
  • Comments
  • Calendars

Note that ikistrap doesn't add any special support for Bootstrap to the Markdown language. If you want to make use of Bootstrap features inside your text, you will have to manually add the appropriate HTML tags.